Pad printing silicone HL-300 condensed cure
Handicraft Roman column mold silicone HL-6320
white color condensed cure silicone HL-6340
Two-component RTV-2 mold silicone HL - 650
platinum liquid silicone HL-9530 make artificial skin products
Simulation of skin body silicone HL-9610
make silicone adult toys liquid silicone rubber HL-9530
AB component manual soap mold silicone HL-8605
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Dongguan hong lian organic silicon technology co., LTD. Is engaged in the organic silicon materials research and development, production, sales and service as one integrated organic silicon materials science and technology enterprises, the company in the process of production, continue to carry out independent innovation activities, pay attention to scientific and technological innovation, and continuously explore new products, research new process, the company products include paper isolation agent, RTV - 2 mold silicone, forming liquid silica gel, silica gel, adult supplies silicone, silicone coated, food grade liquid silicone,